Trends and Tips in Wallpaper and Accent Wall Options

Wallpaper on accent wall

I recently received a product update from one of my wallpaper suppliers, and since most people think wallpaper is not being used  much these days, I thought it might be interesting to show some of the new trends in wallpaper and in creating accent walls, as well as other accent wall options…

Trend:  Enlarged traditional prints, creating a more transitional style, (a combination of traditional and contemporary styles).




Tip:  Rather than wallpaper an entire room, create an accent wall with wallpaper.  This works especially well given the large and bold new prints, plus you’ll save money!

Contemporary styles…




Trend:  Faux finishing or wall paper that appears to be faux finishing…


Which costs less, faux finishing or wall paper?  Well, that depends on the complexity of the design and whether you do it yourself or hire a professional faux finisher.  Most faux finishes are very labor intensive and also hard to do, so it usually pays off to hire someone.    However, if you choose a finish that you can do on your own, you will save money by applying a faux finish versus wallpapering.
Benefit of faux:  It’s usually easier to change than wallpaper, and also less intimidating for new buyers who may want to change the look if you sell your home

Trend:  Stenciling.   While it is usually easier and quicker to purchase wall paper, you will save money by creating your own stencils and painting yourself…


If you can’t find the right stencil, you can always make your own by tracing shapes onto poster board or stencil plastic, then cutting them out. Or create the shapes that have straight edges by simply measuring and taping them off, then filling them in with paint. Just make sure the base coat is dry before taping.   More stenciling tips:

Accent walls:

Combination of wall textures…


Small portions of wallpaper can still make a big splash while saving you money…






Other do it yourself tips for wallpaper projects:

Wood trim…


Above:  Still shot from the 1948 movie Rope.   Notice how the trim embellishes the doorway, and then notice the architectural wallpaper affect behind that!

Above and below:  Adding trim can create an amazing and unique focal point wall without breaking the bank.  I apologize, I don’t remember where these photos are from, but please feel to let me know so I can properly provide credit.


For great do it yourself inspiration visit:

 Combination of trim and wallpaper or faux finishing…




The walls in the above and below photos were faux finished by Johanna Annable of Johanna’s Design Studio,

 All wood accent walls…


Old barn wood is becoming a valuable commodity for use on walls such as the one above!  Source: .  

Above:  Get instructions from

According to…  You can “shop for this look (above) at the home center by trolling for storage gear, metal cans, and utility pulls and hooks. Blackboard paint on two of the wood wall panels creates space for instant messaging. To eliminate ghost words, rub chalk over the entire surface and rub it off before writing notes.”

Other low cost options…

Think out of the box!  Believe it or not, the abstract mural below was drawn in colored wax crayon on brown lining paper and was originally intended to be only temporary in a house built in 1938 and designed by architect Patrick Gwynne in Esher, Surrey, UK.

On going trend: Painting stripes, newer trend being horizontal stripes.  Painting stripes yourself is definitely less expensive than wallpapering… And you can get creative with color, textures and layering!


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