4 R’s of Spring Interior Decorating

4 R’s of Spring Interior Decorating

1)   Rearrange
2)  Reduce Clutter
3 – 4)  Renew and Reuse

1.)  Rearrange

Take digital photos of your rooms and then look at them on the computer.  You will see your home more as outsiders do when they walk in, and you’ll notice things that you normally don’t see in your everyday living.    Or even better, and if you’re really ready for a change, move everything out, (which provides a great opportunity for spring cleaning), and then move in the big pieces first and arrange them.  Once you’re happy with those pieces, bring in your spring accessories.  Yes, it’s time to pack away the Christmas decorations, and also you can pack other accessories away in a labeled box, and then it makes it easy to change your accessories with the seasons!         

before    Fresh Spring Makeover      

Above:  Before and after spring decorating photos from an article by Veronica Toney on BHG.com.   This is a great example that illustrates how you can decorate for spring just by changing your accessories.      

2.)  Reduce Clutter

Very important!  A great decorating tip is to use restraint when you are decorating, especially with accessories.  Anyone can go out and buy a bunch of stuff to put in their homes, but the key is to limit what you use, and place it well!   This can be the hardest part for many people.  But here is another great tip–  When you place the unneeded items in labeled boxes,  you can pull them out later when you change your decor with the seasons.  This makes is much easier to use restraint.      

Also, it may be time to get rid of some things that have no special meaning and don’t go with your style.  Craig’s list is a great way to sell things, or have a garage sale and let your kids work it to earn a little extra money, or just donate it to a good cause!  My favorite cause in my old neighborhood was a community garage sale in which the proceeds went toward building a new, beautiful park.      

3. – 4.)  Renew & Reuse

This is the fun part if you ask me!  There are so many great things you can do with frumpy looking furniture to turn it into something great!  And if you’re on a tight budget, you can also re-engineer old outdated draperies into something great as well.  Here are some photo examples…. 

Click on photos for a larger view     

Coffee table before

Above:  The zebra design was hand drawn before painting, however, there are some great stencils out there you can use, or you can make your own.   The above is an example of what a novice can do… me!    I was about to throw this table out after pulling it out of a home I redesigned for a charity makeover, Oregon Dream Makeover, but then I had a vision and had to try it.         



 Above:  The same stencil was used on the table legs and top.  Professional faux finisher, Johanna Annable of Johanna’s Design Studio did the beautiful work on the above table.      

Below are some additional before and after photos for inspiration.  These pieces of furniture were all refinished the The Shabby Cottage out of Oregon City, OR again for a charity makeover by Oregon Dream Makeover…      






After Before




 The armoire below was refinished by Lisa Watts, of Color Faux Creations for Oregon Dream Makeover…      




Knob style used on above armoire


 The above knobs came from The House of Antique Hardware     

3 Responses to “4 R’s of Spring Interior Decorating”
  1. Reed Flores says:

    If only I had a quarter for each time I came to yourinterior.wordpress.com.. Incredible read.

  2. moris says:

    ‘Renew and Reuse’ caught my eyes . I have applied this way already. I took my sister’s bridesmaid dress after the wedding. I took a piece of fabric from the dress and wrap it tightly around a picture frame or a canvas . I secured it with nail gun and finally hung into my living room wall. It was looking really nice, I can say that . Share with me if you have similar experiences.

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