Renew and Reuse to Update Window Treatments

Pleated draperies:


Left:  You can update the look of pleated draperies by replacing the oval white rod with a slender rod.  Take out the old hooks and replace with rings with hooks.  Thin black rods provide a great updated look!        


Or add a soft or hard cornice, and place it over the top of the draperies.   You want to cover the pleats and have the cornice extend upwards.  You can hang it as high as 1 inch down from your ceiling.   In a standard height room, this will help raise the ceiling in your room, providing you with added drama and a professional decorating touch!       

Before: Pleated draperies hanging from an oval rod


After: A new rod makes all the difference, and now the draperies are puddling on the floor as well


 Decorative drapery side panels & fabric shades:


Left:  Outdated pleated draperies and plastic brass finish rod.       

If you’re really on a tight budget and/or you want to be ‘green”, you can re-use the fabric from your pleated draperies and have it made into fabric shades.  This will then allow you to add some decorative panels on the sides as well.        

 Lower Photo:  Same fabric from above photo, only re-engineered into a Roman shade.     








Money saving tip:   Because this is a teen’s room who frequently changes her tastes, the black side draperies were made from one ready-made panel.  The panel was cut in half, and more fabric was sewn to the bottom to extend the length.   Simple rectangular panels were added to the top, and both layers were simply clipped to rings.       



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