Follow Up to blog on “Money Saving Tips for Creating Summer Table Center Pieces”

Previously I blogged about the creative process for designing my niece’s wedding table center pieces.   Her plan was to put mini wedding cakes as the center pieces and then have something to replace them with once the cakes were served so the tables wouldn’t look empty.   Some would think the 2nd string center pieces weren’t necessary, however there were quite a few people sitting around the tables as the dancing continued through the evening.   So it turned out to be a great idea! 
As a recap, her ideal list of items she wanted included:
  • Birdcages
  • Hand made bird’s nests with real branches
  • No fake birds allowed
  • Burlap
  • The color of robin’s egg blue incorporated
  • Candles

Click on photos for larger view         

Wedding center pieces with cakes


 The burlap was only $2 per yard, and it’s quite easy to create the fringed edges by pulling away the fibers going in one direction.  However, it is a bit time consuming to do it for 12 tables, so be sure to allow plenty of time and help if you do this for a wedding.         


The only expensive part of these table center pieces were the birdcages.  We special ordered them brand new, and spray paint them in the wedding color of choice, robin’s egg blue.   The bird cages and hand made bird’s nests were placed on the tables after the cakes were taken away…         


We used a chop saw to create the candle holders out of branches, and the nests were made out of honeysuckle vines topped with spanish moss, and then a little green moss…         

Hand made birds nest with eggs in robin's egg blue



There was a crew working on the burlap table runners, and then another crew working on the bird’s nests and candle holders.   It’s great to have a large family!       


Cocktail area of wedding


Bird cages & nests on cocktail tables as center pieces


Bird's nest with eggs as center piece


Bird cages in fireplace with candles waiting to be placed on tables


View point of wedding in process at Roche Harbor Resort, WA


Most of my family posing for a photo. Missing 1 brother, 5 nieces & nephews, and 3 of their children. Whew, it's hard to keep track of everyone!


Enjoying some down time at the wedding with my neice and x-sistier-in-law


View from the ferry. I did my interview for the Pete and Brenda radio show from the ferry on my way there!



Picnic Decorating Themes:  You can incorporate some the ideas above, or come up with more creative and fun ideas to decorate for picnics with a theme.  Consider..         

July 4th:  Incorporate layers into your table coverings for a red, white and blue theme.  Add a red, white, and blue cake as the center of attraction.  Blue berries and strawberries on white frosting work great.         

Victorian theme:  The birdcages would be great for this!         

Country western:  Use the burlap and log candle holders, and add fresh cuttings of flowers, greens, and/or branches in mason jars.        

Tuscan:  Burlap also works great with a Tuscan theme.  Incorporate fresh cut herbs and a lot of candles.

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  1. Cindy Kuhnle says:

    You were really in your element w/branches, leaves, burlap, moss! Looks fantastic. Thank you for sharing.

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    Follow Up to blog on ?Money Saving Tips for Creating Summer Table Center Pieces?…

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