Additional types of window coverings that can provide energy savings

This blog is a continuation of last week’s radio show and blog, on the Pete and Brenda radio show, where we discussed going green by achieving energy savings with shade and blind products.  This week we discuss…

Custom fabric window treatments &  outdoor drapery and awnings   

  • Fabric & style options
  • How to make them more energy efficient
  • Compare costs vs. shades/blinds


Custom fabric window treatments    

Custom fabric window treatments can be very insulating.  I emphasize custom, because it is very hard to find ready-made draperies with lining and interlining.   It is the two levels of linings that provide the excellent insulating qualities as well as make the draperies hang so much better!   

Fabric type is a key element as well…    

Sheer Draperies:  While they can diffuse the light a little, sheer draperies aren’t going to provide insulation qualities.  However, when you combine sheer draperies with a top layer of light blocking draperies you will achieve much greater energy efficiency.  Again, it’s important to have lined draperies, as well as interlining.  Also, when sheer draperies are wrapped around vertical blinds, you will have a significant gain in energy efficiency.  However, these are not custom treatments, and can be purchased through shadings and blind companies, such as Decorating Den Interiors.    

Click on images for large view  

Layered sheer and solid draperies


Layered sheer draperies





Layered window treatments





Layer to create energy efficiency


Energy Efficient Fabrics:   Fortunately, it’s not super complicated… The more light that is blocked, the more energy efficient your draperies are.      

Layered Drapery treatment


Silks:   Silk fabric can be worn down by the sun…  However if you add quality lining and interlining, it helps to protect the fabric.   100% silk draperies are truly beautiful, but there are great faux silk fabrics available in a wide selection as well, and these help cut the cost.    

Silk traversing window draperies



Silk drapery panels


Layering:  Extra energy efficiency can also be achieved by layering draperies over shades and blinds, i.e. during the extreme hot/cold hours of the day, you can pull down your shades and shut your draperies.   

Layered fabric shades and draperies


Layered shades and draperies


Construction:   You want to avoid wide gaps allowing light to come in during the hot hours of the day,  including openings at edges.  Be sure to include lining and interlining in the construction.   

Cost Comparisons:  The cost of custom draperies and fabric shades, (such as Roman shades), can be equitable to quality store bought, ready-made draperies, and also the ready-made shades that come from the blind and shutter sources…  In fact I’ve even had custom window treatments come out less than the above sources!  The costs go up with expensive fabric types such as silks, textured, embroidered or brocade fabrics.   

Custom fabric roman shades


Embroidered fabric


 Outdoor drapery and awnings   

Outdoor window treatments are also an important element and not to be overlooked when creating energy efficiency inside your home.   Creating shade and blocking the sun from the outside will definitely make a difference on keeping things cooler inside!   Additionally, outdoor window treatments add a great aesthetic and beauty to your outdoor rooms, as well as the curb appeal of your home.   

Here are some options…   

Awnings and shades   

Create shade outdoors


Create shade outdoors



Window panels…   

CoastalLiving_Tria Giovan_Photographer


Outdoor window panels create shade and beauty


Outdoor panels create ambiance when shades isn't needed







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  1. All good pictures are making very good impression …..!

  2. Susie M says:

    Thank you for promoting the fact that people can be energy conscious and stylish at the same time without breaking the bank.

  3. baby says:

    Nice website!!

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