Interior Design in the Bedroom: Upholstered Headboards

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We are seeing upholstered headboards everywhere these days, and for good reason!  They add texture and a beautiful interior design element to the bedroom, whether it’s the master bedroom, guest room or even kids rooms.  Fortunately there is a range in cost, from do-it-yourself kits, to ready made, to custom made…     

Do-it-yourself kits verse custom ordered headboards:      

You can achieve amazing results with custom order headboards which can be made into almost any shape.  However, if you’re working with a tight budget, you will save a great deal with a do-it-yourself headboard kit.     

Custom Headboards:   As you can see in the photos below, the plush upholstered headboards really help with adding the “wow” factor to these bedrooms.   A beautiful, professionally designed look is achieved by combining the headboards with the custom window treatments and beautiful bedding in color schemes that are pleasing to the eye as well as restful…     

Click on photos for large view     

Lush rich velvet covered headboad, creates professional custom look in the bedroom



A more contemporary bedroom design



Custom headboard to match specific taste & style



Contemporary bedroom design using an upholstered headboard



Modern chic hotel bedroom, The Sanctum Shoh Hotel, London



Another room from The Sanctum Shoh Hotel, London



Designed by Stephen-Shubel as shown in House Beautiful


DIY kits:    

While the do-it-yourself kits are a little bit more limited with the shapes, you can still achieve a beautiful custom look with the fabric that you choose. And there is an exciting new product just being introduced….   

Hot off the press:  HeadboardCraft™ is just now introducing their new Panels series of headboards- a Headboard Kit that do-it-yourselfers can custom design. Like all their headboard kits, these panels are ready to cover right out of the box. No sewing or hot glue guns required! All you need is a standard duty staple gun, your own fabric, and an afternoon. With this new Panels series, you can design your own headboard by using a combination of panels, or use one of their suggested designs. Panels are priced individually so you can mix and match. They have posted a how-to video on their website, so you can know what you’re getting yourself into before you buy. They also offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.    

Do it yourself headboard panels series kit from




Do it yourself upholstered headboard kit from




DIY Panel Series:  Ranges from $200 for a twin to $340 for a king.   That does not include your fabric, which is purchased separately.   

Custom Made at Factory:  Prices start at $316 for a twin, plus 2 yards of fabric.  Upholstery fabric can range from $25 – $40 on average, but of course it can go up from there.  So on average the total cost can start from:  $369 – $399 for a twin size custom made head board.   


More upholstered headboards from HeadboardCraft and The Carolina Headboard Company:   

For more photos on this project, click here    

Upholstered headboard from HeadboardCraft, covered in a modern chic vinyl-like fabric...



The fun texture on the headboard adds to the eclectic design mix of shabby chic and sleek modern elements




Custom upholstered headboard by Carolina Headboard












I have had the pleasure of getting to know the people behind HeadboardCraft™, as they also have a custom order upholstered headboard line for interior designers, called the Carolina Headboard Company. HeadboardCraft™ has been designing, developing and manufacturing upholstered headboard kits for more than fifteen years. According to Judy Agar, President, “If you are a do-it-yourselfer, want to re-decorate on a budget or to splurge on new headboards for every bedroom, HeadboardCraft kits are the way to go. Virtually anyone can cover one of our headboards in an afternoon. Using our upholstered headboard kits let you create couture décor on a budget.”  

Eco Friendly:   HeadboardCraft and Carolina Headboard’s upholstered headboards are fully compliant with president Obama’s recently signed “Formaldehyde Standards for Composite Wood Products Act” (S. 1660) law. Eco-Friendly models are available in all their styles – one for every taste and décor!

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