My recent Interview for Your Home and Lifestyle Magazine, Sept. 2010 Issue

A Well Designed Plan

A Decorating Plan Helps Your Desired Look Come to Life

Are you moving into a new home and finding it impossible to visualize a cohesive design? Perhaps you have grown tired of the stale color scheme that’s faded in your living room over the past decade.  The task at hand won’t be so daunting if you arm yourself with a decorating plan.  For the rest of article, please click on the images… 


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National Real Estate Magazine


"Corliss has witnessed clients get lost in a sea of mismatched paint colors and recommends a plan of action to avoid frustration, to keep from procrastinating, and to save time and money."



“It’s tempting to purchase an item simply because you are attracted to it even when it doesn’t make sense in a room. Identifying your style for the space will help you stay on track and avoid unnecessary purchases.”








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