3 Key Elements to Help Turn Your Bedroom into a Beautiful Oasis that Fits Your Tastes and Lifestyle

Creating that “ahhh” Feeling When Decorating Bedrooms

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You  might be putting off decorating your master bedroom and getting it done because you don’t think you have the budget yet to make it into something special.  People tend to put off decorating their master bedrooms because visitors usually don’t see this room.  However, it should be your sanctuary, where you go to escape, rest and relax.   Also master bedrooms are typically the larger bedrooms in homes, so you’re missing a big opportunity if you’re not taking advantage of the space.   I love the sitting area I have in my master bedroom, and when I want to escape and relax, it works great for me!   Because our master bedrooms are a great area for us to unwind and escape the crazy world outside, you may want to consider getting it done sooner rather than later.  You can always decorate in increments and here are 3 key elements you can change that will make a big difference… 

Walls, windows, area rugs:  Since master bedrooms are typically larger rooms, you should pay special attention to the window treatments, wall decor and area rugs.  (Although be sure to have an interior design plan before you start purchasing.)  These are the same important elements that tie the look together in the other rooms such as the living and dining rooms.  The difference with bedrooms is that the bedding is a very important interior design element as well.    

Let’s take a look at the before and after photos of these bedrooms and analyze what made the biggest impact in creating the beautiful, new interior design:    

Does this room look familiar?  It’s pretty blasé  in it’s current state…     

Click on photos for larger view   

Before photo of master bedroom


After photo of bedroom


What made the difference in the beautiful transformation of this room?  The bedding, custom window treatments, wall decor, and area rug!  Most of the furniture is the same, however new updated chairs were added, creating that area to rest, relax and escape.    

Accessorizing:   Of course in the above room, tying it all together with the accessories is a key component as well. I see many people who have difficulty using restraint while decorating, i.e. there’s a point where you need to stop with accessorizing.  And if you have a large room, be careful with adding too many small elements as well.   If you have too much empty space in a large room, consider floor standing screens, large-scale accessories such as large wall art and silk plants in floor standing pots.  Simplicity helps with creating a relaxing environment.     

Before photo of outdated bedroom


Above:  This room is just plain blah!  The contrast of the blah beige wall color with the dark furniture and bedding is too extreme, and the window treatments are outdated and unflattering to the windows as well.    

After photo of bedroom


What made the difference in transforming the above blah bedroom into a beautiful room that fits the tastes and style of the owners?   New updated bedroom furniture, including a restful chaise lounge.  Also the area rug, bedding and window treatments add a great “wow’ factor to the room without taking away from creating a relaxing environment, as they aren’t soothing colors and patterns.  The reason why they work is because they are used as accents, rather than large components dominating the room.  Notice how the carpeting and walls are a neutral, soothing relaxing beige tones that can be very boring.  However, the pops of red from the window treatments, accessories, and the black and white components from the area rug, bedding, and accessories are what makes this room shine.   

Accessories:   The accessories really help to make this room pop…  From the lighting, to the floor standing screen, to the plants!  Plus a large scale mirror was incorporated for a large wall, and the larger scale lamps match the scale of the room as well.   This is too much fun!    

Before photo of guest bedroom


Above:  The room is plain and blasé, without any character.   

After photo of guest bedroom


What transformed this room into a stunning and restful oasis?  The beautiful custom window treatments and bedding, new furniture, wall color, and area rug.   

In the next week and more, I’ll discuss additional components for creating that “ahh” feeling when decorating bedrooms including:   

  • Custom interior design elements
  • Bedside stands
  • Calming colors
  • Texture and fabric
  • Bedding
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