Tips and Tricks for Bedding and Pillows

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I recommend staying at some nice bed and breakfasts and/or plush hotels and paying attention to what you like about the bedding.  When I was younger, this helped me to discover that I personally like pillow-top mattresses, down comforters, and firm pillows.  The combination that works best is different for different people.  The thread count on the sheets can make a huge difference as well when it comes to making a bed luxurious and comfortable.   In fact, have you ever noticed how relaxing it is staying at these places?  Think about what you like about the rooms and why it is so much easier to relax in them.   The luxuriousness of the rooms typically plays a big role, and therefore we typically try to recreate that same luxurious feel when designing master bedrooms.    

If your tastes are modern, you may like the look of a streamlined, smooth bed….   

Click on image for a larger view  

A modern, streamlined design


However, if your tastes are more on the contemporary or traditional side, you may be more drawn to the look of a soft, fluffy bed that you can just sink into…    

The plush look of a more traditional bedroom design


Never under-estimate the power of pillows!     

While you will see many interior designers and decorators get carried away with putting large multiples of pillows on beds that look great in photo shoots, but are so impractical when you go to get into your bed, or make your bed on a daily basis, (well hopefully you make it on a daily basis).       

Click on images for a larger view    

Multiple pillows for a more traditional, plush look


Simple pillows, for a clean and streamlined effect


The choice is yours (of course) on how much work you want to go through in dealing with pillows, however I don’t recommend ruling them out all together.  Bedding is also a great place to start your design plan for your bedroom if you don’t have existing artwork,  area rugs or other key elements that you don’t need to match.  


Multiple decorative pillows add creativity as well as textured appeal


You can add to the pleasing, plush esthetics  with even just one or two extra decorative pillows.  The key is to use coordinating pillow shams as well… Typically you can just cover up your regular pillow with a pillow encased in a pillow sham.  Then when you go to sleep, pull out your regular pillow and put it on top.  This way to you don’t have to wash the pillow sham as often as the pillowcase….    

One simple decorative pillow. Other 3 pillows are the pillow sham covered pillows. Regular pillows are underneath. Simple yet affective!


 Here’s another example of simple decorative pillow placement utilizing the pillow shams and just one decorative pillow…    

Simple treatment for decorative pillows


Textures greatly add to the ascetics appeal and help create that “ahhh” feeling when you walk into a room…  

Various texture add interest and a "wow" factor. Source: Country Living, design by Caroline Scheeler


Calming colors:  When you walk into your bedroom, it should make you say “ahhhh” , and immediately evoke a calming feeling for you.  The color scheme plays a huge role in this.  If you choose a color for the walls or other large components such as the bedding, that jolts you when you see it, then it’s probably not the best place for that color.  Consider adding that color to another room instead, such as your kitchen.    

Calming bedroom colors


Fitted bedding:  A fitted bed cover is a great and easy way to keep your bed made up neatly.  You don’t have to do all the extra adjusting and smoothing to make it look great…    

Fitted bed cover makes your life easier and keeps your bed looking neater. Design by Shelly Reihl David.


But messy bedding doesn’t always look un-appealing…    

Luxurious silk bedding offered by Decorating Den Interiors

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am a firm believer in only sleeping on high-quality bedding. This includes the sheets, pillows, pillow cases and comforter. Also, I think it’s important to have a mattress that’s not too hard and not too soft. By paying attention to bedding you can get a better night’s sleep.

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