Designing Bedroom Interiors, continued: Custom Elements and Bedside Stands

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Bedside stands:  Are a great area to get creative, and avoid the matchy-matchy effect.  You can mix it up a little to add some interest!

Consider using a side table as a bedside stand…

Click on photos for larger view

Stanley Furniture, a Decorating Den Interiors line

For a more elegant and romantic look,  cover your table and coordinate the fabric with bedding and window treatments.  Mix and match your fabrics and textures to create interest….

Room design by Decorating Den Interiors

Creatively paint your furniture pieces…

Paint can do wonders for jazzing up your design. Photo source: Unknown. Please notify if you know.

Try mixing up your colors and finishes…

Another photo from one of our bedroom furniture lines, Stanley

Think out of the box, and use a box, or two…

Bedding line carried by Decorating Den Interiors

Or consider using a simple, yet stylish  base with glass top…

Source: Dwell Magazine, Harlem House, NY

If storage is an issue, consider these…

Bedside stand storage with style









Room and furniture from Decorating Den Interiors


This room won a national design award!

Custom elements:

Notice how this custom, yet simple headboard adds a beautiful custom element to this room…

Source: Homezdeco blogspot

And here’s an even simpler way to add that custom look– Simply hang a horizontal framed artwork, architectural element or mirror above your bed…

Bedroom Design by Decorating Den Interiors

A simple addition of upholstered panels hung above the bed add a great custom look with a very simplified production process…

Great creative alternative for upholstered headboard. Source: Unknown, please notify if you know.

Wall murals can really add some fun creativity!  In this room below, the mural installed over an unused door that had an unsightly stairway visible outside through the door windows…

Room design and furnishings by Decorating Den Interiors

A beautiful elegant look was created for the above room by combining the mural with the custom faux iron pieces, fabric treatments in the bedding and windows, and table covering!

Faux finish or texture paint an accent wall in the room…

Room design from home in Portland, OR

Faux finishing or texturized paint colors can really add pizazz!

Combined metallic paint with paint color

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