Four Steps for Adding Your Mom Cave Retreat

As discussed this week on the Pete and Brenda radio show
With man caves being all the rage these days, it’s time to popularize the mom cave concept as well.  The man cave idea has slowly grown from the recliner and TV to an entire room filled with masculine features such as beer fridges, sports memorabilia, and audio-visual features!  Let’s face it, they’re a great idea but moms really need a space to escape to as well.  In my opinion, having your own space and time to yourself can actually be a big contributor to a happy marriage. 


Here are four steps for adding your mom cave sooner rather than later…

1.  Pick your passion and purpose:  Is there something you’ve been wanting to start or focus on for a while?  Perhaps creating a special place will help get it done!  Pick your passion… Could it be music, crafts, reading nook, office space, sewing, studying, or even just watching your own TV shows?

Click on photos for a larger view

A den decorated on the feminine side


A mom cave / den / craftroom. Source: Decorating Den Interiors.

Office/Craft room from HGTV dream home 2006

A living room / music room. Source: Decorating Den Interiors.

2.  Pick your space:  It doesn’t have to be an entire room.  Perhaps a corner of another room, space in the master bedroom or your unused living room, bathroom spa area, guest bedroom, large closet, or even an area in the garage for painting or working on a favorite hobby such as refinishing furniture. 

A cozy corner spot


Perhaps the bathroom is the best place for your mom cave retreat

A balcony area perhaps

I know the closet space idea probably sounds a little claustrophobic, but check out how nice this one turned out…

A closet space. Source:

Mom space in the bedroom. Source: HomeGoods

A corner den spot. Source: Coastal Living

A cozy nook with storage. Source: SmallPlaceStyle Blog.

A room for crafts

For an unused living room space I’m not suggesting you change the room entirely, but consider a corner to add a desk, a cozy reading nook, an armoire for projects that can be closed up when not in use, or the living room can serve a great dual function as a music room.   It’s so easy to forget about a living room that you are scarcely in. 

An armoire in a living room or bedroom corner

A reading nook. Source: Katie-d-i-d-Blogspot.

A chaise lounge in a corner for your reading spot

Music room mom space

If you have a small office/guest bedroom space, consider a bed that looks like a chaise lounge.  This allows the small space to function as a great escape area and office at the same time. 

Great simple ideas for furnishing a mom space


A great daybed option and design scheme for a mom cave


Or consider putting a sofa-bed in a small den. Source: House Beautiful.


A small, yet cozy place for relaxation

3.  Distinguish your space: 
For most mom caves the goal is to add some privacy and a feeling of coziness.  Consider a floor screen, fabric panels, or a two-way book shelf as a room divider.

 4.  Pick your tools: 

Furniture:   Consider a chaise lounge, wing back chair, or a day bed as cozy furniture pieces to create relaxation.  Ottomans are great for kicking your feet up if you don’t have a chaise.  Don’t forget a side table for drinks and a book as well.  If you can’t purchase new furniture immediately, consider slip covering an old chair.

A chaise lounge in your mom space helps set the tone for relaxation. Source: Eco Manor.

Textures:   Incorporate soft fabric and textures in your pillows, a throw, and fabric window treatments.

A furry throw for extra coziness. Source:

Style:  This could be a place to add some feminine touches you can’t use elsewhere in the house.    I seem to keep coming up with a lot of den photos as mom caves.  I suppose it’s because most women are doers and love to be productive in their spare time…  whether it’s researching on the computer, reading, planning, working on projects, you name it! 

Color:    If you have a choice in the color scheme, keep the colors relaxing, soothing, and/or warm and comforting, such as greens and blues, soft hues and subtle neutrals.  Dark colors in small spaces help promote coziness.  However this might be the right spot to add some feminine color splashes as well such as a soothing lavender, pink, or yellow tones.

The ultimate mom cave. Design by David Reihl.


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