Inspirational Holiday Decorating Ideas with Garlands and Wreaths

Today is a good day!   I have some holiday greens I purchased from the Boy Scouts being delivered.  One of my favorite greenery pieces is the garland.  There are so many things you can do with garlands, and the most important place to start decorating is your entry way!

Garlands and wreaths are a quick, simple and classy way to decorate for the holidays in a short amount of time.  Below are ideas for using them, and you can customize them to match your style with additional layers and garnishes as time allows.  Garlands and wreaths are a great place to start, and if you only have time to hang the greenery, you will still have beautiful holiday decorations!  

Click on photos for a larger view

Source: Lowes

You can have fun decorating with garlands by starting with the basic greenery and adding to it by tieing ball ornaments or other decor to garlands.  You can layer bead garlands with the greenery, and/or lights, clusters of ball ornaments, and wrap ribbon around them.

Burlap wrapped around garland. Source: Lowes.


Garlands wrapped around posts and paired with giant ornaments. Source: PotteryBarn

You can wrap garlands around doorways, windows, columns, fence tops, and stair railings. 

Source: Lowes.

Wreaths are another great component, and when you mix them with garlands you double the impact!

Decorating with wreaths. Source: Lowes

A fun way to decorate with wreaths is adding Christmas ornament balls to them…

Addition of ornament balls to wreaths and garlands. Source: Pottery Barn.

Adding balls to wreaths. Source: Lowes.

I like the simplicity of these balls. Source: Lowes.

Adding ornaments to wreaths. Source: Lowes.

You can think creatively for where you hang your wreaths.   I love the effect of hanging a wreath from each front window, and/or wrapping lights around wreaths.  You can also hang them in multiples for greater impact…

Hanging multiple wreaths. Source: Pottery Barn. Wreaths $79.00.

Hang your wreaths indoors on walls or in front of mirrors

Pinecones are another great addition to your entryway holiday decorations.   You can add them to containers, wreaths and garlands…

Adding pinecones to garlands. Source: Country Living.

 Clustering ornaments is another great way to add impact to garlands and wreaths…

Cluster your ornaments on garlands and wreaths. Source: Pottery Barn.Clustering ornaments. Source: Country Living.

Clustering ornaments on garlands

Garlands and wreaths are great indoors as well…

Garlands for romance. Source: Country Living.

Holiday decorating with garlands. Source: Country Living.

Display your holiday cards from wreaths.

Wreaths and garlands indoors. Source: Country Living.

Garlands indoors. Source: Country Living.

Bringing wreaths and garlands indoors. Source: Coastal Living.

Decorating with garlands

Decorating with garlands on stairways

One Response to “Inspirational Holiday Decorating Ideas with Garlands and Wreaths”
  1. Anonymous says:

    If that isn’t a coincidence! I still had planned on decorating our front door today but wanted to read a little more about Christmas decorating ideas and I come across your post.
    Now my head is spinning and I got totally new ideas how to decorate our front door this year.
    Thanks for sharing those great pictures.
    Happy Holidays
    Paula Jo

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