New Goals for the New Year… 8 Tips for Tackling Your Home Interior Dreams

There is all this talk about weight loss and fitness goals for New Year’s resolutions, but equally important is setting goals for your home!   Start out the new year with these 8 tips to help you tackle your home improvement dreams…

1. Start by creating a list of goals for your home and include your dreams, necessities, repairs, your DIY to-do list, and/or honey-do list. Walk around and view your home as a visitor would see it, take photos and view them on your computer and it will be easy to see your home more objectively and get your list started. Be sure to include the outside too.

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2. Prioritize your list not only by importance but also when it will fit in your budget and the seasons. For example, this is a bad time to spray paint because you need a lot of fresh air ventilation. You can prioritize an interior project now, that fits in your budget now, and that doesn’t require ventilation. Focus on interior tasks in the winter, and budget/schedule the outdoor tasks for the spring.

3. Add costs and schedule your line items.   At this point you may be thinking you don’t have the budget now to do what you really want… However, the best way to start is by getting pricing and quotes. Then consider doing the work in increments, and/or cutting some costs out of your monthly budget, and putting that money toward the project budget. You may need to sacrifice a little, but it can be well worth it! It’s hard to make a goal of getting something done in your home if you don’t know what the cost will be. Yes it’s a pain but it has to get done. It’s all part of your to-do list… Add cost gathering to your list and then feel that great sense of accomplishment when you cross it off your list!

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If you want a project done (such as a kitchen remodel) that is going to cost a huge sum, don’t rule it out if you think you will never have the budget. Remember you can consider getting the work done in increments. Put your budgetary goals on a schedule, along with the specific work that will get done.

4. Enlist interior design help… This is no longer a luxury, but a necessity!   I have met many people who wish they would have consulted a designer before embarking on a home remodeling project, choosing paint colors / material selections, and purchasing interior furnishings. It’s very sad to invest in your home, and then not be happy with your choices. Consider trying out an interior decorating company, such as Decorating Den Interiors, who can you help you visualize what your changes will look like, put together high-low estimates for you, make design recommendations based on your tastes, and produce room renderings, floor plans, and design visuals that will help you avoid wasting money on the wrong selections.

Often you don’t have to pay by the hour for these design services if you make your purchases through Decorating Den Interiors. It may not be as expensive as you may think, and you can choose where you want your budget to fall from the high-low estimate.

5. Create visuals of your goals.  Just like with weight loss, seeing visuals of your goals greatly helps with accomplishing them… If you can see it, you can achieve it! Consider putting together a dream board. Cut and attach magazine/internet photos on a bulletin board, or assemble them on your computer and have it printed poster size!

From Dreams…

To Reality…

Before shot…

6. Make your goals public.  Write a letter, post your goals and images on Facebook, or start a blog, even if you’re the only one reading it. However you can let your close friends and family know about it. Get them to subscribe to your blog and then you know they will see your updates. Start by posting your dream images and goals. Then post progress photos and updates. Make it a goal to post updates at least once a month… It will help you stay on task!

 7. Tackle one room at a time.  Unless you need to accomplish something that covers several rooms, such as replacing the flooring or adding shades and blinds, it works really well to tackle one room at a time. Make it a goal to finish each room in your home, and prioritize them. It is a great sense of accomplishment to finish a room and move onto the next! It is also not as overwhelming and much easier to make decisions.

From dreams…

To reality…

From dreams…

To Reality…

8. Schedule hosting events.  A huge motivator for accomplishment is scheduling events/parties at your home. Then you can look forward to showing off your accomplishments and it makes it all the more gratifying! For example, first up on my list is scheduling a Super Bowl party. I am telling people about it now, and I am motivated to get some things done before this deadline. I have specific items on my to-do list that I plan to accomplish before this party. You can consider hosting on Easter, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, or a big 4th of July bash. I recommend spacing out your hosting events and make each event a deadline to accomplish more items from your list.

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