Tips for Redecorating Your Home Office

The home office is usually a room that gets the most neglect, however there are a couple of good reasons to focus on decorating your den.  It will help you be more productive for one, and if you plan the space right you can turn it into a guest room as well.  Here are some great tips for making your den a more enjoyable place for working and/or functioning as a nice guest room…

Start with a decorating plan before you start making purchases.   Look for inspirational ideas to help decide what you want…

Click on photos for a large view 

You're not alone if your home office looks similar to this

After: Fabric window treatment and space planning make the room much more inviting. Source: Decorating Den Interiors.

Before re-decorating

After: The fabric of the Roman shades softens the look in the room while diffusing the light, while better placement of the furniture helps to make the room a more productive place.

Before: This room really needed some updating

After: A beautiful traditional office

What to do when it’s cold and miserable outside?  Start by merging, purging and de-cluttering your home office.  Where to put all the stuff that has to stay?  Add wall shelves and coordinating organizational containers that will not only help you be better organized, but also help the space look neater and appear more pleasant to be in…

Shelf organizers help de-clutter. Photo courtesy of Real Simple.

Make the space productive.  Incorporate wall shelving, bulletin boards, chalkboards.  Use the closet space to house a Murphy bed or additional shelving and organizational units…


Take advantage of cabinet doors for productive space


Another great cabinet door idea

Notice how the window treatments complete the room

Before: Bare windows are typical in most neglected dens

Don’t let a low budget hold you back…   

Consider recovering a boring office chair and making your own desk by attaching a wide and deep wall shelf.  Also you can save by wallpapering only one wall as an accent wall.  Look how great this looks…

Photo courtesy of Bolig Magazine

If your den is a small room, incorporate a day bed for guests.  With the right pillows and covering, it can look and function like a sofa…

The right pillows can turn a day bed into a comfy sofa. Source: Apartment Therapy.

Great use of a small space.

2 Responses to “Tips for Redecorating Your Home Office”
  1. Kristin Johnson says:

    Loved the suggestion of adding a Murphy bed to a small space. A Murphy bed is a fantastic addition to any home, but especially those who need to accommodate more people in less space. I think my favorite part about the wall bed concept is that it makes any room into an instant guest room.

    Great ideas!

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