Quick, Classy and Inexpensive Decorating Tips for Your Super Bowl Party

Let’s face it, we’re all so busy that it’s hard to take on decorating for another special occasion that lasts for only one day.   And if you’re like me, you don’t want to fill your home with a bunch of tacky and cheap-looking items, especially if people are coming to your home for the first time.  I say add some game day decor that compliments what you already have going on in your home.  And it doesn’t have to be that hard or time consuming!  Here are some quick decorating tips to help make your Super Bowl party a bit more fun and classy at the same time…

Focus on the food table area(s), especially if your short on time.   Table coverings and center pieces are  a great place to prioritize if you’re in a rush.   And in the game watching room, also consider the coffee and side tables.   Below are ideas for doing even more.

Start by looking at the team colors for inspiration:

Start with your inspiration and consider what you have to work with

Now if those colors don’t inspire you, I don’t know what will!   Just joking, however use the team colors as inspiration and think about what you have to work with.  (I’ve been advised it’s best to represent both teams colors when you’re hosting a party for people rooting for either side.  Consider…

What do you have to work with…
  • Colored vases filled with correct color of flowers.  If you don’t have vases or bowls, smaller-sized colored gift bags can be filled with the flowers. 
  • Cloth table coverings in the team colors  
    • Table runners and napkins.  If you don’t own anything in the team colors, you can spend approximately$5 on 2 yards of fabric and make a table runner, and/or fabric squares.  Use hemming tape if you don’t have a sewing machine.  These are quick and easy to make! 

    Tissue paper pom poms, layered cloth, and colored vases. What do you think... Is this too feminine for the Super Bowl?

    • Layer cloth pieces, sprinkle with colored glass rocks, confetti, add ribbon, or colored paper accents.  You can even mimic the stripes on the team uniforms, from the pants or jersey sleeves…

Layer ribbon over a table runner to mimic the stripes on these pants

Layered ribbons to duplicate stripe effect. The colored tissue poms poms are too fun! Directions for making them are below.

  • Use food as décor in appropriate colors…
    • For example a bowl of lemons with some green sprigs of Rosemary mixed in
  • Spring potted flowers are on now the market, and there are bright yellow primroses and daffodils that can be added to your table decor
  • Christmas lights in appropriate colors.  Wrap around trees, plants, mantle, doorways
  • Spray paint flea market finds
  • Sofa pillows and throws

Hmmm, what can I do with these colors....

 Examples of what I would do to represent the above Pittsburgh Steelers team colors… 

  • Black or white vases filled with yellow flowers… fresh yellow flowers might by hard to come by this time of year, but you can make tissue paper pom poms or flowers. 
  • Here’s a link on how to make tissue paper pom poms by Martha Stewart.  You can hang these from the chandelier and/or add wire stems and stick them in your vases. 

Photo courtesy of MarthaStewart.com

  • Or make cheer leader pom poms out of tissue paper
  • Black or white table runner with yellow napkins or visa versa
  • Put three squares on table in the colors on the helmet:  yellow, red, and blue
  • Fill a black bowl with lemons and set on top of a piece of white or yellow fabric– great for a coffee table or smaller kitchen table

Coffee table with layered cloth pieces, and a primrose wrapped in colored tissue paper

Other great crafty ideas if you have ample time:

Make Martha Stewart’s football table runner and coasters


2 Responses to “Quick, Classy and Inexpensive Decorating Tips for Your Super Bowl Party”
  1. Lisa Hogan says:

    Really Cute ideas! I am not sure the men will appreciate this but the ladies sure will. My husband is down stairs watching the Super Bowl and the only thing he is interested in is the TV and his hot wings!

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