Interior Design Tricks for Adding Romance to Your Home

Interior Design Tricks for Adding Romance to Your Home

With Valentines Day right around the corner, this is a great time to think about adding some romance to your home.  One of the biggest ingredients we use to add romance is fabric. Fabric to an interior designer is like a paintbrush to a painter.

Trick #1: Add beautiful fabric to your windows and bedding, and layer the textures and trimmings…

Click on photos for a large view

Add romance with beautiful fabric in your window treatments and bedding

Notice the double chandeliers & the extra romance they add.

For romance, add customized window treatments, ambiant lighting, and accessories with reflective surfaces





The romance of fabric


 Trick #2:   Add ambient lighting:  Hang  a chandelier above the bed or above each night stand, use table lamps and candles…

Create ambient lighting

Use table lamps and candles

Trick #3:   Add fresh flowers…

Nothing like waking up to fresh flowers as a surprise!

Trick #4:   Add sparkle with reflective surfaces…

Add sparkle with reflective surfaces

Trick #5:  Add window treatments over your bathtub (plus wine and candles of course)

Even a simple fabric treatment can add a bit of romance


Trick #6:  Arrange your furniture in an intimate setting

Furniture arranged in an intimate setting adds romance

Trick #7:  Add some bling and pizzazz with throw pillows and extra trimmings

Add bling and pizzazz with throw pillows

Add layers and trimmings

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  1. Amit Dangi says:

    I am an iterior design student. Please write some interior tips

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