Tips for Decorating Kid’s Rooms

Kid’s rooms are fun yet challenging.   Most people want to have a fun room design for their kids, but they seem to grow out of the room style and into their next stage of life so darn quickly!  This article includes some tips for dealing with that challenge, as well as some money-saving ideas and room photos for inspiration.
Key Creative Areas:
Options for Walls…  
Paint:  The creative options are endless with paint on walls and furniture, especially with assistance from 3-dimensional items…
 Click on photos for a larger view

Paint used to the fullest on these walls and ceiling.  Source:  Decorating Den Interiors.

Paint provides unlimited creativity.  Source:  Decorating Den Interiors.

Adding 3-dimensional objects with paint, doubles the wow factor. Photo courtesy of This Old House.

The power of paint and 3-dimensional wall accessories.  Aaron Christensen designer.

Notice the wall paint.  Source:  Better Homes & Gardens.

Wall murals are great on the imagination…

Source: Decorating Den Interiors wall coverings

Source: Decorating Den Interiors wall coverings

This almost looks like vinyl, but the flowers and butterflies come in mural panels.

Source: Decorating Den Interiors wall coverings.  Source:  Decorating Den Interiors.

Source:  Decorating Den Interiors.

Vinyl appliqués are a less expensive alternative to wall paper, and easy to remove…

Example of a giant wall decal that retails for only $22.50.

Vinyl appliqués are cost-effective and easy to remove.  Source:  Decorating Den Interiors.

Notice the vinyl circles on the walls.  Source:  Decorating Den Interiors.

Fabric provides unlimited creative options.  You can get creative with fabric in the window treatments, bedding or hanging fabric in other places…

Notice the fabric hanging at the head of the bed

Creative fabric treatments are not for windows and bedding only

Source: Decorating Den Interiors wall coverings

Window Treatments:  Kids rooms are great place to get creative with window treatments…

Another great room design that can last from little boy to teenager

This whimsical window treatment can be carried through to an older age. Source: Veranda Magazine.

Fabric treatments are great for creating special effects and making play areas such as a teepee or a fort of some kind by draping off a corner with curtains that can open and close.

Fabric can define special areas. Source: Decorating Den Interiors wall coverings

Plan for storage places for organization. This helps teach them good clean-up habits early…

Source: Decorating Den Interiors wall coverings

Remember to plan for storage areas to help keep the room neat. Source: Decorating Den Interiors wall coverings

Plan ahead:  Time goes by quick and before you know it, they’ll be ready to leave the little kid-ish décor behind as they reach the pre-teen/junior high stage.
If you want to be cost-effective, try to avoid…
    – Characters printed on bedding, window treatments and area rugs.
   – For example, if you want to incorporate a Curious George theme, do it with the accessories, wall art, and vinyl wall appliqués, rather than the larger and more expensive design elements that you will have to quickly replace as they grow.

A great design and color scheme that can carry through to older years. Room by Vern Yip, HGTV

A design scheme that can last from baby to teen to guestroom. Sarah Richardson’s house.

Rely on room photos for inspiration.  If you find your budget is limited, consider the save and splurge strategy, i.e. splurge on the high impact areas you know you’ll never be able to tackle on your own, and consider alternative options for the other areas.  For example, shop for funiture at flea markets and learn how to refinish them on your own.  You’ll then save on furniture, and have some budget to hire out for the window treatments, or wall paper.  Also consider trading labor such as painting, or throw a painting party and make it fun!

3 Responses to “Tips for Decorating Kid’s Rooms”
  1. Dorothy Ray says:

    All I can say is, Wow! What a grand buffet of delicious rooms you’ve offered us. Thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of them.

  2. I love it! I can say that a country touch gives a room the feeling of warmth and serenity. Keeping the colors soft in warm tones adds an airy appeal and helps a smaller room seem less confining.

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