Tips for Creating a Media Room, Big or Small

Media rooms are a hot item these days, and once you get used to the comfort and luxury of having a media room in your home, it’s really hard to go to a movie theatre again.  It doesn’t take an extremely large house, and you can turn an ordinary TV room into a great media room.  Here are some tips and photos to inspire you…

Click on photos for larger view
Before photo 

After photo of media room

Use fabric and draperies to create the illusion of a real theatre…

Use fabric and draperies to add to the theatre effects

Crown molding is an excellent design element for adding the “wow” factor….

Crown molding is an excellent design element

Use creative faux finishes & affects to give the appearance of real theatre features, such as balconies….


Plan your lighting well, and incorporate dimmer switches…

Incorporate dimmer switches

A smaller TV room can easily be transformed to feel like a media room…

Before photo of small TV room

After a small TV room has been transformed into a media room

Key Decorating Components…
Click on photos for larger view
Key interior design components of any media room, large or small
Add comfort and warmth with window treatments, pillows, and accessories…

Add comfort with pillows, window treatments and accessories

Another small room turned into a media room

Notice the great effect of the pre-plastered, faux stone panels, (offered by Decorating Den Interiors).


Reclining chairs, cup holders & accent tables are essential elements…

Reclining chairs are a nessessity.

Basements can be an excellent area for adding a media room…

Basements can be a great area for adding media rooms

4 Responses to “Tips for Creating a Media Room, Big or Small”
  1. Anonymous says:

    This has definately inspired me to design my own media room, don’t think I quite have the budget though!

    • Glad I helped to inspire you, however you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot to create a media room, as shown in the small TV room above. Incorporate the key decorating elements and lay out your floor plan to resemble a media room as well.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Any ideas on turning an open game room to a media room? Thinking of adding drapes from the celing some how to block out light from the front door windows up stairs?

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