Accentuate with Accent Walls

Wall stencils on accent wall

Accent walls make a lot of sense these days for several reasons.  For one you can save on costs and time by adding some pizzazz to only one wall.    Additionally, an eye-popping accent wall can have a bold pop of color(s), large bold prints, or fantastic texture, and typically you wouldn’t want to have these options on all four walls of a room.  It would be too busy!

Wallpaper installed on one wall can really add the “wow” factor to a room as shown in these photos below.  Additionally, wallpaper is much easier to strip these days once you’re ready to redecorate.

Echo Design wall coverings for Kravat

Ralph Lauren wall coverings for Kravet

Albert Van Luit wall coverings for Kravet

Ralph Lauren wall coverings for Kravet

Next in line cost-wise comes wall decals, which are basically vinyl pieces applied directly to the wall.  These are very easy to remove once you want to change the look, however they can’t be reused after you pull them off the wall…

Wall vinyl from

Chandelier wall vinyl decor

Wall vinyl from

How fun is this wall vinyl art from

Headboard out of wall decals from

Another great accent wall option is using a stencil or combination of stencils.  Stencils take a bit more work and patience, but the expense falls on the lower end…

vineyard wall stencil from Benjamin Moore

Can you believe this accent wall was created with paint and a stencil from Benjamin Moore paint?

Stencil magic yet again! Papillon wall stencil from Benjamin Moore.

Accent walls created from stencils aren’t for large walls only. Hibiscus wall stencil from Benjamin Moore.

Lyric wall stencil from Benjamin Moore.

And then there is the least expensive accent wall option of all… simple wall paint!

Accent walls are a great place for adding a bright paint color that you’re afraid to paint in an entire room… Also easier to paint over! Photographer: Koksharov Dmitry.

Easiest accent wall technique of all… solid paint! Benjamin Moore paints.

Accent walls aren’t for bright colors only. Again, Benjamin Moore paints.

Click here for more about creating accent walls with stencils…

11 Responses to “Accentuate with Accent Walls”
  1. Dorothy Ray says:

    Don’t know my password, if I have one, to “like,” so will just say here, I like. It’s nice you see you favor Benjamin Moore, too. Ralph Lauren has some especially good colors.

  2. It is amazing how much paint colors can change a room! The room with the green accent wall and the black couch is stunning. One of the biggest transformations I saw using wall art was in a finished basement with no windows. I have always felt like I was in a cave if I was in a basement with no windows, but it came out beautiful. It was one large room, painted an off white with white trim and on one wall had a scenery painted on it. As you walked down the stairs, it was the largest wall that greeted you. It was an outdoor scenery painting with greens, yellows, blues, pinks etc… all the pretty colors of Spring. It made the room so uplifting and bright.

  3. I’m really liking this blog

    its really inspiring my to experiment in home decor!

    will be bookmarking

  4. Emily says:

    I love the ideas on this page! I have been looking for a fun, fresh way to make our mastor bedroom more interesting. I think I may have just solved my problem 😉

  5. bethremmert says:

    These are amazing ideas, absolutely love all the photos. 🙂 -Beth

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