How to Easily & Affordably Change the Look of a Room

This is a great example demonstrating how you can change the look of a neutral room with your accessories and window treatments.    Simply keep all your large and expensive items in a neutral color,  and then change the look with the seasons by simply changing out your draperies, throw pillows, and some accessories such as colored ceramics or glass items, and candles. 

Custom window treatments and draperies from Decorating Den Interiors, Portland, OR:  Http://

This room is also a great example showing the amazing wow-factor and texture fabric can add to a room with the window treatments!  I love, love, love the pop of color from the vivid blue silk draperies and pillows here!

I also like to change out the arrangements in a vase or two to compliment the current season.   You can add sticks and tall dried grasses with silk arrangements in wall hanging vases, around floor standing candle holders, garlands on fireplace mantles, buffets, and wrapped around chandeliers.  Oh dear, I’d better create another blog on this subject with photos of what I’m talking about!

3 Responses to “How to Easily & Affordably Change the Look of a Room”
  1. PS… When purchasing new draperies, especially curtain panels in the large scale size above, you want to be sure to have lining and a 4″ double fold hem. This makes all the difference with how the draperies will hang. Properly lined draperies also distinguish the look between off-the-shelf-curtains to professionally, custom-made draperies. Interlining adds an extra layer of fullness and richness as well, and if you’re using silk fabic, interlining will help keep the sun from wearing down the silk. The lining and interlining also help to make your window treatments more energy efficient!

  2. Shauna says:

    Where are these blue drapes from? I need this color. 😊

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