January… A Great Month to Start Turning Your Dreams into Reality in 3 Simple Steps!

Here we are in January…  It’s a great month to dream big about what we’d really like to do or have done to our homes.  You might be thinking that your want-list will never happen, or at least in the near future.  However, once you follow these three steps, you will be well on your way to accomplishing your dreams!

January is a great month to start dreaming about what you really want for your home!

1.  Start dreaming and create a to-do list:   Take your dreams and list them as goals for your home.   This is the fun part.  Turning your dreams into goals and to-do lists will get you well on your way to accomplishing those dreams!

Find your inspiration!

Find inspiration by looking through home magazines and their Websites.  Start a file containing your inspirational images, whether paper or digital.  Most of the home magazines now publish great home  photos on their Websites.  Or you can easily create idea photo files on www.Houzz.com or www.Pinterest.com.  (Contact me if you need an invitation for Pinterest.)

2.  Get cost estimates:    A simple step that is often overlooked!   This isn’t exactly the fun part, but you can’t make progress without knowing what to budget for.  Then you can formulate an action plan to build up your budget.  For example, you could cut back on eating out, and put that money aside for your home improvement budget, and/or selling unwanted, large ticket items on www.Craigslist.com.  You might be surprised at the extra boost your budget will receive!

Tackling one room at a time often works great

3.  Prioritize… Of course it can’t all be done at once, so prioritize what is most important to you. Tackling one room at a time can work great, or you can prioritize by the type of home updating  that needs to be done, such as replacing the flooring, or updating the shades and blinds in the house.  (Perhaps it’s time to get rid of those vertical blinds!)

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