Style Elements Every Home Needs for an Updated Interior – Starting with Rustic Décor

One of my interior design mentors used to say “every home needs at least one Asian decorative accent piece.”  However, the times have changed and given the current wonderful design trends these days, I say every home needs at least one of three style elements to mix it up and even add an element of surprise. 

Every home should have a little bit of rustic decor in it.

Why do you want to mix it up a little?  So that your décor won’t look like you just pulled it off the showroom floor of the local retail furniture store.  You can base your design around one of these styles, or you can craftily mix them in as one or more of the three elements I will cover in the next three blog posts.   In this article I will start with “rustic” décor.

Rustic décor:

Rustic décor adds warmth to a room.   It can work with most styles, from modern to traditional.

Great example of mixing modern and rustic decor in this photo from Rejuvenation Hardware


A creative mix of modern and rustic.

Below are two different styles of dining rooms with rustic dining tables mixed in…

How great is this look?!? Source:

A touch of rustic mixed into an eclectic-style room. Pin It   Source

Notice the rustic touches mixed into this room.

How fun is this pool table from ?

How fun is this pool table from

The stylists at did a great job of inter-mixing in a touch of the rustic look in this photo… 

Another great example of mixing in a touch of the rustic look. Source: Flor carpet tiles.

Consider mixing in a rustic cocktail table or some old doors as a large-scale wall decoration…  

Look how great these old rustic doors look as large-scale wall decor!


Great rustic cocktail table. Source: .


Love this rustic storage option! Source: .

You can even mix rustic elements in with just an accessory, or fabric such as burlap or linen…

Love this look from OMyGosh!

Great idea! Burlap slip cover from . Pin It
Rustic elements come in different forms– from fabric, to architectural elements, to accessories, to furniture…

Here's a modern twist on a traditional French-country fabric design available from http://www.TheDecorDivascom .


Unique light fixture from .


There's always a spot for a rustic clock. Source: .


Even just a light fixture can add a touch of the rustic look.

You can also add a larger bit of the rustic look by covering an entire accent wall with reclaimed wood for a great look…

Rustic accent wall in a photo shoot by Rejuvenation Hardware

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