Glitz and Glam Must Haves for an Updated Interior– If You’re Not into the Rustic Touches

If you’re not into adding any rustic touches to your decor as I discussed a couple blogs back, than you may want to consider adding some glitz and glam touches.  Glitzy touches can come in many forms, from metallic paint colors, to a little bling on your chandelier.  Here are some fun examples to help you see what I’m talking about…

You can add a little glam to your decor with your accessories, such as this gorgeous mirror…

Decorating accents with bling.  The paint color really helps to enhance this mirror!

Mirrored furniture is another great way to add a touch of class and glamour to your home, whether your tastes are traditional or contemporary.  Here are some updated mirrored furniture pieces from one of our suppliers…

Light fixtures are another way to add just a touch of glam and glitz  , without over doing it…

Add a little glam to your kitchen without over doing it

Below are a couple light fixtures that are better suited for a commercial setting, but I had to include them…

This looks more like art than a light fixture but it’s gorgeous.

Fun creative, yet glamorous light fixtures

Small touches of glam added in the bedroom below through the light fixtures and mirrored bedside stands help add to the overall luxurious feel to this room…

Add a little glamour in your bedroom design

Glam added through mirror, light, and knob on side table

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