Create a Fresh, Fun, and Funky Teen Room or Den on a Dime

Teen rooms are little tricky in that typically teens, (especially girls), tend to frequently change their minds about their room design and color scheme.   Consequently, and rightly so, most people don’t want to invest a lot of money in these rooms.  Below is an real life example and tips on creating a  fresh, fun,and funky teen room on a dime…

This is a model apartment that has just been updated at Quatama Crossing in Beaverton, OR.   The rental market is doing really great now.  This particular apartment complex is receiving single mothers as their largest clientele, and wanted the updated decor in the spare bedroom to reflect this trend by changing it to a kid’s room…

Spare bedroom before:

Before: The room was a cramped second bedroom in a model home apartment.

After the transformation to a more spacious teen room

Use an upholstered headboard lengthwise on a single bed to create a comfy lounging space that can double as an extra sleeping space.
This is also a great option for adding a sleeping space in a den.
Cover the headboard with a slip cover that can easily and affordably be changed.

After: The upholstered headboard with the twin bed is also a great option for a den

Add color with wall accessories, since teens tastes can change quickly.
Wall vinyl is a fun, easy, and an inexpensive option for dramatic wall décor.

Before photo of opposite wall

After: The room appears much more spacious

Add a side chair…   Refurbish a flea market find.

Chair before- A flea market find that cost $15.00

Chair after painting and recovering the cushion

Sheer draperies are an in-expensive drapery option.
Paper lanterns come in many colors and are a low-cost option for adding a pop of color in kid’s rooms.  Online resource:

Avoid mistakes and unnecessary spending with a design plan in advance

A floor plan is a necessary component of a design plan

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