Making the Most of a Small Home Office Space

More and more people are working at home these days, and many people are having to make small spaces work as efficient home offices.  Not an easy task, but fortunately the less space we have, the less space we waste!  Below is an example of a very tiny office that was hard to work in because there just wasn’t enough space to put office supplies such as the printer, fax, and work-in-progress paperwork.

Before – The floor was constantly being used to compensate for the lack of desk and storage space…

Click on photos for larger view

Before photo of teeny, tiny home office lacking in desk space

It’s helpful to have some inspiration when re-doing a room, and I posted my inspirational office images for de-cluttering in this blog post.

After –  custom-made built-ins, a day bed, and a stenciled accent wall were added making this room an extremely efficient small home office space that is a pleasure to work in…

After: Custom shelving, built-ins, desk and day bed have been added, plus a stenciled accent wall.

I designed the day bed frame above to hold a spare twin mattress that was already on hand, allowing this room to also function as an extra guest room.  Who would have thought you could squeeze all this into such a tiny space?  I’ll be posting about how this day bed and slip cover were made shortly, so subscribe to this blog (from the home page) or “like” me on Facebook for updates.

If you’re lacking in square footage to create the work space you need, utilize the wall space!  In other words, add shelving and built-ins up the wall to hold your office materials.  (See this post for tips on decorating shelves.)  As you can see above, a wide shelf has been added to the back wall, and not only did I add an 8′ wide custom desk top, I added an additional long, narrow shelf above the desk.  I found these amazing brackets at Ikea that you can attach to a desktop  to add a shelf above your desk…

Desktop bracket from Ikea

I primed and spray painted the above brackets so they would blend in. These brackets were only $5 ea. from Ikea:  Click here for more details.

As you can see in the before photo below, the small desk size that is typically put in a small home office just was not doing the trick!

Before – The work space was pretty tight and not being used efficiently.

After: Custom made DIY built-in closet, shelving and an 8′ long desk were added.

The color scheme for the room makeover was based on the flower picture in the before photo, plus the colors groove with the colors outside this room.  I love the warm colors!  Also, I spray painted the file cabinet and small drawer units.  I did no sanding…  I just used a spray primer first, and then two coats of a spray paint.  I also added a protective clear coat.  Spray paint has come a long way, and I have to admit that I’m addicted!

This was my inspiration for the built-ins.  This style is great for a mid-century modern home…

Click on photos for larger view

Great inspiration for a mid-century modern home. I’ve had this for years, and I don’t remember the source. If you know, please inform me so I can provide credit.

 Here are some other great examples of home offices that take advantage of the wall space….

Another example of utilizing the wall to gain work space.  Source:  Decorating magazine.

Source: Bolig Magazine

Tomorrow there will be a TV segment airing in which I’ll be demonstrating how I created the stenciled accent wall shown below.  This TV spot will be airing on Fusion on KOIN 6 at 8am in Portland, OR.  Stay tuned and I will also post an article with images demonstrating the stenciling process, and how I made the fabric covered bulletin board, along with giveaway details to win a stencil!  Click here to view the TV Spot.

Click here for more info on how I created this accent wall with stencils!

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  1. ruankennedy says:

    I’ve been looking for ideas to update rooms in my dated home and found this extremely helpful AND encouraging

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  3. […] I have included other great examples in this blog post:  Making the Most of a Small Home Office Space. […]

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