Inspiration & Tips for Decorating Outdoor Rooms

Creative ideas for outdoor spaces

As I am sitting here writing this, I am wishing. yes wishing for summer weather to arrive here in Portland, OR because I am ready for it!   Once the nice weather arrives in the Northwest, we need to take full advantage of it, and creating comfortable and inviting outdoor living spaces is a great way to do it. You may be waiting until you feel you have a decent budget to work with, however you don’t need to. While there are some items that are worth investing in quality, there are many ways to save when creating outdoor spaces.

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Outdoor room in woods

Above:  In this gorgeous wooded setting, there is no need to invest in a patio or deck.  Additionally, the pergola can be a do-it-yourself project, utilizing materials from your own backyard (or a friend’s).  Saving in these areas allowed these homeowners to invest in quality furniture that will stand up to the test of time and outdoor elements.

Cozy up your wide open space with accessories and throw pillows…

Create comfort outside

Create comfort outside

Lighting is an important element of outdoor spaces, and can be as simple stringing lights from a tree…

Outdoor lighting is key in outdoor rooms

When you’re dealing with an expansive outdoor space, think in terms of the functionality needs you have for the space, i.e. dining, lounging around a fire pit, cooking, kids play area, etc…

Outdoor room

Think of functionality when creating your outdoor space

Decorating outdoor rooms

Plan your space as you would an indoor room

Outdoor draperies are a great addition to an outdoor space for several reasons– They can provide shade, privacy, comfort, and sophistication…

Outdoor drapery panels

Outdoor draperies add comfort, privacy, shade, and elegance

Wrought iron furniture

Add a pop of color with a wide variety of outdoor fabrics available these days

Container gardens & wrought iron patio furniture

Container gardens are another key element to outdoor rooms

An outdoor room does not need to be a room per se.   The outdoor setting in itself can frame your space for a beautiful setting.  I love the idea of dining out in the open…

Outdoor dining furniture

Dress your outdoor table for comfort and elegance. Source: House Beautiful

Get creative with the wall space in your outdoor room…

Outdoor room decorating ideas

Accessorize your outdoor walls!  Source:  House Beautiful.

Great outdoor wall accessories. Source: HGTV-Designer-Linda Woodrum.

Outdoor room accent wall

Great idea… An outdoor accent wall! Source: Architectural Digest, Johnathon Adler.

Save on furniture costs by eliminating the need for dining chairs…

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Save money by eliminating the need for chairs

You can also cut costs by building your own fire pit.  Here’s an idea that I want to try…

This looks better than a store-bought fire table

Here ‘s a great DIY lighting idea from Lowes…

Lighging idea from Lowes

Source: Lowes Creative Ideas

If you have a cracked patio, rent a jack hammer, break it up, and create a stone patio such as this one…

A broken stone patio

This patio style can be a DIY project

I’ve created a broken stone patio before, and it’s important to also rent a rolling device to level the ground first, such as this one…

Ideas for patios

Be sure to level the ground before placing a broken stone patio down

For more creative ideas and photos of outdoor rooms, click here.

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4 Responses to “Inspiration & Tips for Decorating Outdoor Rooms”
  1. I love the idea of using the wall space> gotta start thinking of what would make ‘good art’.

  2. Beth says:

    The first few photos are my opinion of paradise, especially the second one. I can’t wait to one day have that kind of space of my own.

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