Reader Q and A – Where to Put a Home Office Space

I recently received a home office design question from Nicky in Sweden…

“Hi, We have bought a one bedroom 70 square flat in Stockholm Sweden and need your advice and help. How can we create an isolated working area according to the drawing attached? We feel that the spacious area called “Hall” is wasted as the bathroom door and closet open in there. The bedroom is small and it’s situated side by side of the kitchen. It seems like the only room we can incorporate a working area is the living room. Any suggestions?Regards
Before photos….
Living room before photo

Living room before photo

Living room before photo

Living room before photo 2

Before photo of living room

Living room before photo 3

Based on the floor plan, I see two potential options for a home office….
Option 1: This circled area below wouldn’t be as ideal since it wouldn’t be concealed, however if done right, a desk area here could look good…Floor plan of entire homeThe circled space above measures 1.2 x 2 meters, (79″ x 47″).   If the vertical wall space is taken advantage of, a bit of work space could be created here.  For example…
Click on photos for a larger view
Home office built-ins

A great example of taking full advantage of the vertical wall space while keeping the work area neat.  Source

Design ideas for home office

Go as wide as possible with a custom desk and shelving.  Looks much better than small, cluttered furniture pieces without breaking the bank.  Source

2 m or 79″ is a decent width for a desk top.  Setting a desktop on top of a file cabinet and another drawer storage unit will help keep the area clean and neat looking.    Additionally, adding the pictures above the top shelving helps make it an attractive addition to the home decor.

Using the wall space for a home office

An easy and low cost alternative for fully utilizing the vertical wall space.  Source

I have included other great examples in this blog post:  Making the Most of a Small Home Office Space.

Option 2:  This option will provide a larger work area, with options for concealing the area…

Floor plan for Option B

Option B takes advantage of a living room wall

The above circled area shows the work area that could be concealed.  The down fall is that it takes away from the living room space, however there still is room for a decent sized sitting area.  Here are some photo examples for inspiration…

Home office furniture ideas

A smaller version of a good furniture configuration.  Source

The above photo provides a great example for what could be done.  Since the wall is wider in Nicky’s place, she has enough space to add another file cabinet, and even two work areas.  Utilizing the side wall for a bulletin board looks great as well, and helps keep paper clutter off the desk.

Den in a closet

Den in a closet. Source: Dan Brungardt.

The work space above looks great and doesn’t need concealing.  The keys are adding decorating elements, coordinating storage pieces, and having plenty of concealed storage to hide away the clutter.  In this digital age, we are needing less and less paperwork fortunately!   In fact I’ve been making the transition from notebooks filled with paper, to digital files in my own office.

Here are some options for concealing the office space…

Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

A modern treatment which I’m sure is common in Sweden

Custom window panels

These grommet hole drapery panels have a clean modern look, a short stack back, and can be customized in a fun style!

Home office tucked away in a nook

Here’s a more traditional look to a similar space. Source: Lowes Creative Ideas.

Bi-fold doors to conceal space

Folding doors is another option, but they could be tricky in such a wide space.  Source

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For more tips on using a design plan and choosing your decorating style, check out my blog post here.

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