Cost-Effective Ideas for Changing Out Your Window Treatments in Summer

Changing your window treatments with the seasons might sound impractical and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.   You may have noticed more and more sheer window treatments showing up in interior design room photos these days.  They make a lot of sense, because professionally made sheer window treatments actually cost a bit less than other custom window treatments since there is less labor and materials used to produce them.  This creates a great cost-effective opportunity to change out your window treatments in summer to sheer draperies or fabric shades.

In Portland, OR, we had to wait longer than normal for our summer to arrive this year, so I am especially enjoying these summer months and making the most of this nice weather!  Sheer window treatments, particularly draperies flowing in the summer breeze, are a great way to enjoy the summer months inside your home!  Here are some of the room photos with sheer window treatments that have caught my eye…


White sheer window treatments in bedroom

Enjoy the summer months with sheer window treatments blowing in the breeze. Source: HomeEdit

Curved window treatment

Unique way to hang sheer draperies over a curved window.  Source:  Decorating Den Interiors iron hardware.

Sheer window panels

Summery shirred rod-pocket draperies. Source: Better Homes and Garden.

Sheer draperies in a bedroom

Sheer grommet hole draperies in a modern mid-century designed bedroom by Adler Doonan.

Sheer window treatments can work in traditional or modern interior design …

Sheer cafe curtains on iron rod

Sheer café draperies are a great look in this traditional living room. Source: Decorpad.

Sheer pleated draperies can work well in a modern living room. Source: Architectural Digest.

Sheer window panels in modern living room

Another modern living room with sheer pleated draperies. MIichelle Morelan designer.

Tradional sheer draperies

Sheer grommet hole draperies look great in rustic Tuscan or French Country interior design settings. Source: Lula Belle.

Sheers in a traditional dining room

Sheer pleated draperies layered with a custom fabric valance in a traditional dining room setting. Source: Decorating Den Interiors.

Sheer draperies on tall living room windows

Sheer rod pocket window treatments on tall windows in a traditional living room design setting.  Source:  Decorating Den Interiors.


There is much more than white sheer fabric to choose from however.   You wouldn’t believe the amazing sheer fabric options we’re receiving these days in our fabric sample books….

Sheer drapery panels

Sheer green draperies on charcoal gray painted walls. Source: Benjamin Moore.

The golden tone in these sheer pleated daperies diffuse the light while casting a calming golden tone across the room. Source: Architectural Digest.

Blue unlined drapery panels

Unlined fabric panels are nice for summer, and provide a sheer effect. However, normally we line draperies for better energy efficiency and a more professional look. Source: Kravet.

Neutrally colored sheer traversing draperies allow for privacy without blocking all the light.  The custom valance on top creates a professionally designed look.  Source: Decorating Den Interiors.

Pattened sheer window treatments

Mixing solid fabrics with shades is a great way to add a unique creative look to custom window panels…

Sheer custom draperies

A great look was achieved by combining solid fabrics with sheer fabric in these draperies. Source: Kravet.

Layered sheer drapery panels

Great texture is accomplished through layering of different fabrics. Source: Decorating Den Interiors.

Sheer window treatments

Sheer window treatments are also a less expensive alternative than purchasing blinds and shades.  These café curtains are a great alternative to adding privacy in the bathroom while still letting in light…

Cafe curtains in a bathroom

These cafe curtains are a less expensive alternative to shades and blinds, adding privacy without sacrificing light. Source: Apartment Therapy.

Sheer Roman shades

Sheer window treatments can be fabric shades too!  These are a less expensive alternative to mass-produced blinds and shades.

Sheer curtains on tall windows

Sheer fabrics are a cost effective way to cover tall windows that require a lot of fabric. Source: Vittorio Omaggio Glass.

I hope you liked these window treatment ideas and now feel inspired to change out your window treatments in the summer months.  Please feel free to subcribe to this blog, or fan us on Facebook for more ideas.

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