Is Your Home Stuck in a Time Warp? Here are Some Suggestions for Updating Your Decor!

1990's Living Room Before Makeover

This living room had a great look in the 1980’s – 1990’s, but it was ready for an update, now that it’s 20 – 30 years later.  A good rule of thumb is to plan and budget for an interior decorating update about once every ten years, especially if you decorate with large home decor and furniture items that are very trendy and non-neutral, such as this patterned sofa and non-neutral side chairs in a trendy color du jour…

1990's Living Room Before Makeover

Before:  Living room with 1990’s decor, in serious need of an update.

Above:  Notice the brass metal finish as well.  It was heavily used in the 1980’s – 1990’s, and any home decor finish that is  used everywhere will quickly become dated.  If you don’t want your home decor to quickly become outdated, stick with classic finishes, and neutral colors for the larger more expensive items, such as sofas.  This way you can easily update the look of your room by changing out your accents and accessories.  I have to admit, I love a chair with a fun pattern, but you can always have the chair re-upholstered later on.

After photo of living room makeover

After:  The sofas are a neutral color now.  Photo source:  Decorating Den Interiors.

Above:   We’re getting wiser as time rolls on, and more cost-effective!  The larger furniture pieces are now in a neutral tone.  Also notice how only one smaller chair is upholstered in a non-neutral color.   Painting tall walls can be a significant investment if you hire a painting contractor, so choosing a neutral paint color will help your investment last longer.  Or if you really want a non-neutral paint color, consider painting one accent wall (Accentuate with Accent Walls)…. but please be sure to have an interior decorating plan before you choose the paint color!   (How to Ease the Process of Choosing Paint Colors.)  Additionally notice how the goldish-tan paint color warms up the room in the “after” photo in comparison to the colder whitish-beige in the “before” photo.  White/light beige walls were popular 1980’s wall color choices.

After photo of living room

After: Color was added to this room through the accessories and accents. Photo source: Decorating Den Interiors.

Above:  Throw pillows, lamps, area rug, and side chairs are all great areas to add color and pizzaz to your room design, so that you don’t have to break the bank when you’re ready for a room update.  Also painting the inside back of built-in shelving is a great place to add a splash of color as well!  Stay tuned for more before and after photos coming soon… Feel free to subscribe to this blog (from home page) or “like” us on Facebook for updates on new blog posts and quick decorating tips.

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