Staging Tips and Examples to Help Your Home Stand Out Above the Rest

After photo

These before and after photos can help inspire you with ideas for staging your home or condo to help your real estate stand out from the rest when you put it on the market.  In Portland, OR the rental market is thriving right now, and some landlords are staging their show units for targeting their ideal target market.  In the case shown below, (a model apartment at Quatama Crossing in Beaverton, OR), the management is targeting single mothers who have recently downsized their homes.  The goal is help them to feel at home when they look at the show units, and provide them with the ability to see themselves living in these apartments.

Before:  The living room was nondescript and blasé with an outdated, uncomplimentary window treatment, and an outdated, big bulky armoire…

Before photo

Before photo of living room

In the example above, the previous decor contained an all neutral, white and tan color scheme.  While the neutral color scheme is usually a safe route to take, it can appear boring, cold and unwelcoming.  Adding a touch of color in the decorating accents, area rug, art work, and accent wall paint color can make a load of difference with adding some warmth and charm to a space.  Additionally, when an accent color is added in these ways, it is easy and cost effective to update the color if and when it grows dated.

After photo

After the living room was updated

Re-design objective: Achieve a Street of Dreams look on a shoestring budget, utilizing a contemporary design style with a wide appeal, and added creative designer touches.

Have a plan and budget for the high-low options before you start spending money on updates…

The design plan

Before photo of dining room

Before staging services.  Can’t you just see the Golden Girls sitting here in the 1980s?

After staging

After: The dining room has been cost effectively updated in the same new color scheme.  The light fixtures in all the units are to be updated at a later date.

Quick, simple and cost-effective chair update.  The black chair is the old chair, and the tan slip cover was added to update the look and the color scheme.

The Design Plan

The plan for the new look and feel of the updated dining room

Before photo of foyer

After photo of foyer – Don’t be afraid to add a little color when staging to sell

Before photo of master bedroom

After photo of bedroom. One accent wall was painted.

Before photo of master bath

Before photo of 2nd bath

After photo – same color scheme is tied in throughout the home

The second bedroom was turned into a teen room.  I covered that makeover in a separate blog post here.

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  1. Muringo says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips. I found this post really useful, especially the idea of carrying the basic color scheme throughout the house – simple and elegant!

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