Incorporating Branches, Logs, and Pinecones into a Table Centerpiece


It’s been a busy holiday season this year!  I ended up doing a TV spot on holiday decorating which then inspired me to change my holiday decorating theme.  I was inspired by a cedar tree that had come down in my yard, and I managed to save some of the logs, (from becoming fireplace burning wood), for candle pillars and log tables.  I also had some very large pinecones in storage, as well as some gorgeous birch branches with vivid green moss on them.  Silver is the color in my Christmas decor, so I also worked it in.

Christmas decorating with pinecones, logs and branches

Click to view table center piece decorating tips on the Salute! TV show in Portland, OR.  Photos are below.

Below are the same decorating elements from the TV spot worked into my modern mid-century home…

Click on photos for a larger view

Logs and branches in table center piece

Here are the same pieces featured in the above TV spot in my mid-century modern home

Another view with partial place setting on the dining table.

Another view with partial place settings on the dining table.

I lightly sprayed the logs and some pinecones with a silver glitter spray, and the effect looked like a dusting of sparkling frost…  (Click on photos for a larger view.)

Natural elements in table centerpiece

Branches, logs, pinecones and clear glass worked into the Christmas table center piece

Another view including partial table settings.

Another view including partial table settings.

Here are a couple of photos of the living room to help you get an idea of the color scheme that I carried over into the Christmas decor, all the way to the blue Christmas tree lights…

Teal and Rust color scheme

The color scheme in this modern mid-century living room is aqua, rust-burgundy, and warm neutrals.

Modern mid century style

Here’s the view from the other direction. Smokey the cat snuck into the photo!

An electric Wurlitzer baby butterfly grand piano is shown below.   My grandmother had purchased it in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s…

Aqua Christmas colors

You don’t see many blue lit Christmas trees! It’s supposed be an ice and snow theme…

I made the glitter balls and the pine cone ornaments a while back by applying glitter glue to the pinecones, hot gluing the wire hangers to the top, and adding bows.  My mother used to make the hand crocheted snow flakes, and I was lucky to find a star made in the same white crochet style   I then added glass icicles and glitter branches to create this sparkly ice and snow tree…

Aqua and burgundy Christmas color scheme

Alternative Christmas color scheme.

I recently painted the fireplace screen in the reddish tone.  It was too traditional before, and now it blends better with the funky 1950’s-1960’s vibe of the house…

Painted fireplace screen

The fireplace screen needed to be painted to blend in with the funky decor.

I hope you enjoyed this post!  I would love to hear your comments.

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2 Responses to “Incorporating Branches, Logs, and Pinecones into a Table Centerpiece”
  1. Susan says:

    I love decorating with pine cones also, especially during Thanksgiving season. Thanks for sharing.

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