Painted Furniture– Another Must Have for an Updated Interior

Why am I adding painted furniture to my must-have list for an updated interior? Because incorporating a piece or two, (or more), can add a great pop of color, or a unique finish that can absolutely boost the wow factor of your interior, whether your design style is modern, contemporary, transitional or tradititional design! Check out these example photos below and let me know if you agree….

Style Elements Every Home Needs for an Updated Interior – Starting with Rustic Décor

One of my interior design mentors used to say “every home needs at least one Asian decorative accent piece.” However, the times have changed and given the current wonderful design trends these days, I say every home needs at least one of three style elements to mix it up and even add an element of surprise….

Beware of Trends… Especially When Purchasing a Sofa!

Oh the trends that are thrust upon us by the store specials. The floral sofa fad is a great example of a short-lived trend that caused people to spend more money than they originally intended, and then tire of the look very fast. These short lived trends quickly become outdated and people end up spending the money to replace them sooner rather then later…