This is What Became of My Son’s Bunk Bed After He Grew Out of it


It happened really quickly…  I started noticing my son wasn’t sleeping well when he was 16, and realized he had grown out of his bunk bed much too fast.  I hadn’t budgeted new bedroom furniture for him yet, and I didn’t want him to lose any more sleep so I had to act quickly.  I … Continue reading

Create a Fresh, Fun, and Funky Teen Room or Den on a Dime

Teen rooms are little tricky in that typically teens, (especially girls), tend to frequently change their minds about their room design and color scheme. Consequently, and rightly so, most people don’t want to invest a lot of money in these rooms. Below is a real life example and tips on creating a fresh, fun, and funky teen room on a dime…

Tips for Decorating Kid’s Rooms

Kid’s rooms are fun yet challenging. Most people want to have a fun room design for their kids, but they seem to grow out of the room style and into their next stage of life so darn quickly! This article includes some tips for dealing with that challenge, as well as some money-saving ideas and room photos for inspiration.