Inspiration & Tips for Decorating Outdoor Rooms

Creative ideas for outdoor spaces

As I am sitting here writing this, I am wishing. yes wishing for summer weather to arrive here in Portland, OR because I am ready for it! Once the nice weather arrives in the Northwest, we need to take full advantage of it, and creating comfortable and inviting outdoor living spaces is a great way to do it. You may be waiting until you feel you have a decent budget to work with, however you don’t need to. While there are some iems that are worth investing in quality, there are many ways to save when creating outdoor spaces….

Shade Structures & Cabanas – Ideas for Creating an Outdoor Paradise in Your Backyard

It can be hard to relax in your yard when there is always something to do, but perhaps beefing up your outdoor setting with a cabana or shade structure will help you to relax outdoors. Also, by creating a room setting you’ll be expanding the living areas of your home…

Additional types of window coverings that can provide energy savings

This blog is a continuation of last week’s radio show and blog, on the Pete and Brenda radio show, where we discussed achieving energy savings with shade and blind products. This week we discuss…
– Custom fabric window treatments
– Outdoor drapery and awnings

Money Saving Tips for Creative Summer Center Pieces

My niece, who is getting married this summer, asked for my help with the center pieces for her wedding. This blog includes an example of a process for designing any centerpiece whether it’s for your home or a larger event, and also some money saving ideas, which are especially important if you have several tables to decorate.

Outdoor Rooms— A great trend for expanding your living space

Tips for creating a dramatic, sophisticated and comfortable space outside that will draw you out and welcome your friends and family