Cost-Effective Ideas for Changing Out Your Window Treatments in Summer

Sheer custom draperies

Changing your window treatments with the seasons might sound impractical and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Read on for great cost-effective ideas for changing out your window treatments in summer to sheer draperies or fabric shades…

Shade Structures & Cabanas – Ideas for Creating an Outdoor Paradise in Your Backyard

It can be hard to relax in your yard when there is always something to do, but perhaps beefing up your outdoor setting with a cabana or shade structure will help you to relax outdoors. Also, by creating a room setting you’ll be expanding the living areas of your home…

Inspiration for De-cluttering and Building your Decorating Budget

Spring is an excellent time to de-clutter and hold garage sales. Early spring is also a great time to start the process, before the weather tempts you to get outside in the garden. (Especially if you live in Portland, OR, where we’re off to a cold, damp start to spring!) Then once you clear out your excess clutter, your home is ready for spring cleaning and redecorating. Read more for inspiration…

Inspirational Holiday Decorating Ideas with Garlands and Wreaths

Today is a good day! I have some holiday greens I purchased from the Boy Scouts being delivered. One of my favorite greenery pieces is the garland. There are so many things you can do with garlands, and the most important place to start decorating is your entry way!

Garlands and wreaths are a quick, simple and classy way to decorate for the holidays in a short amount of time. Below are ideas for using them, and you can customize them to match your style with additional layers and garnishes as time allows. Garlands and wreaths are a great place to start, and if you only have time to hang the greenery, you will still have beautiful holiday decorations!

Focus on the Fireplace

With a chill in the air and Thanksgiving coming around the corner, this is a great time to start thinking about sprucing up your fireplace area. Here are some tips for fireplace facelifts or just sprucing up with accessories, as well as arranging your floor plan to highlight your fireplace as a great architectural feature, and create an intimate seating arrangement for your warm, cozy fireplaceā€¦

Tips for Adding Warmth to Your Fall Decor as it Gets Cooler Outside

Fall colors can really help to warm things up inside as it gets colder outside. The orange and gold tones combined with greens, browns and natural tones add a great deal of warmth and lighten things up as our days get shorter and it gets dark earlier.

Additional types of window coverings that can provide energy savings

This blog is a continuation of last week’s radio show and blog, on the Pete and Brenda radio show, where we discussed achieving energy savings with shade and blind products. This week we discuss…
– Custom fabric window treatments
– Outdoor drapery and awnings