Making the Most of a Small Home Office Space

More and more people are working at home these days, and many people are having to make small spaces work as efficient home offices. Not an easy task, but fortunately the less space we have, the less space we waste! Below is an example of a very tiny office in my home that was hard to work in because there just wasn’t enough space to put office supplies such as the printer, fax, and work-in-progress paperwork. Mind you there are other office spaces in this home as well, but using this tiny room as an office is the best use for this space…

How to Decorate Shelves

Yes it’s spring… My favorite season! Spring is a great time to open up your windows and let the fresh air in, and of course do a little spring cleaning, merging and purging of stuff! Consequently it’s also a great time to refresh the look of the shelving on display in your home. I’ve met with many clients who have shelving decorating issues, and most people either put this off, or don’t realize how bad their shelves look until they see a photo of the room. This blog contains some room photo examples and tips for freshening up the look of your shelves and giving them a great look!