Beware of Trends… Especially When Purchasing a Sofa!

<!– // PDRTJS_settings_1488750_post_2474={“id”:1488750,”unique_id”:”wp-post-2474″,”title”:”Beware of Trends\u2026 Especially When Purchasing a Sofa!”,”permalink”:”http:\/\/\/2011\/01\/26\/beware-of-trends%e2%80%a6-especially-when-purchasing-a-sofa\/”,”item_id”:”_post_2474″} //I’m working with two clients right now who both have plaid sofas they purchased a few years back and they both want to keep the plaid.  They’ve been happy with the pattern and bold colors, and they really don’t want to change.   What is amazing is that these sofas were … Read more

How to Give Your Crowded or Bare Room a Polished Look

Yesterday I met with two clients who had opposite dilemmas… One has an overcrowded and cluttered family room that is too small for all the furniture in it, and the other has a huge master bedroom that looks too bare. This blog covers ideas for how to deal with these two opposite delimmas.

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How to mix several styles of furniture

I frequently meet with clients who have inherited some furniture that is meaningful to them, and or they may have purchased furniture that doesn’t quite fit with the design style they’re after. Mixing furniture styles is a common challenge for people. This blog contains some tips for dealing with this issue and also some real life examples and solutions.

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Choosing your decorating style can be a fun experience but also challenging.  The biggest problems I see people run into is they don’t stick with a style, but instead pursue their interior decorating without a plan and begin purchasing items that often times don’t enhance their décor or go with their style.  Consequently, many of the […]

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