Style Elements Every Home Needs for an Updated Interior – Starting with Rustic Décor

One of my interior design mentors used to say “every home needs at least one Asian decorative accent piece.” However, the times have changed and given the current wonderful design trends these days, I say every home needs at least one of three style elements to mix it up and even add an element of surprise….

January… A Great Month to Start Turning Your Dreams into Reality in 3 Simple Steps!

Here we are in January… It’s a great month to dream big about what we’d really like to do or have done to our homes. You might be thinking that your want-list will never happen, or at least in the near future. However, once you follow these three steps, you will be well on your way to accomplishing your dreams!

How to Easily & Affordably Change the Look of a Room

This is a great example demonstrating how you can change the look of a neutral room with your accessories and window treatments.    Simply keep all your large and expensive items in a neutral color,  and then change the look with the seasons by simply changing out your draperies, throw pillows, and some accessories such as colored … Continue reading

Wall stencils on accent wall

Accentuate with Accent Walls

Accent walls make a lot of sense these days for several reasons. For one you can save on costs and time by adding some pizzazz to only one wall. Additionally, an eye-popping accent wall can have a bold pop of color(s), large bold prints, or fantastic texture, and typically you wouldn’t want to have these options on all four walls of a room. It would be too busy!

How to Ease the Process of Choosing Paint Colors

While choosing paint colors can come naturally for some people, it is one of the most common dilemmas I see people struggle over. It’s also an area where people seem to make a lot of painful mistakes. The purpose of this article is to help ease your pain when trying to decide on paint colors.

Tips for Creating a Media Room, Big or Small

Media rooms are a hot item these days, and once you get used to the comfort and luxury of having a media room in your home, it’s really hard to go to a movie theatre again. It doesn’t take an extremely large house, and you can turn an ordinary TV room into a great media room. Here are some tips and photos to inspire you…

Tips for Decorating Kid’s Rooms

Kid’s rooms are fun yet challenging. Most people want to have a fun room design for their kids, but they seem to grow out of the room style and into their next stage of life so darn quickly! This article includes some tips for dealing with that challenge, as well as some money-saving ideas and room photos for inspiration.

Interior Design Tricks for Adding Romance to Your Home

With Valentines Day right around the corner, this is a great time to think about adding some romance to your home. One of the biggest ingredients we use to add romance is fabric. Fabric to an interior designer is like a paintbrush to a painter.

Quick, Classy and Inexpensive Decorating Tips for Your Super Bowl Party

Let’s face it, we’re all so busy that it’s hard to take on decorating for another special occasion that lasts for only one day. And if you’re like me, you don’t want to fill your home with a bunch of tackyand cheap items, especially if people are coming to your home for the first time. I say add some game day decor that compliments what you already have going on in your home. And it doesn’t have to be that hard or time consuming! Here are some quick decorating tips to help make your Super Bowl party a bit more fun and classy at the same time…

Beware of Trends… Especially When Purchasing a Sofa!

Oh the trends that are thrust upon us by the store specials. The floral sofa fad is a great example of a short-lived trend that caused people to spend more money than they originally intended, and then tire of the look very fast. These short lived trends quickly become outdated and people end up spending the money to replace them sooner rather then later…